The Vicious Princess Overturns the World

Author: Nuannuan


After assisting the man she loves with all her heart to the throne, Li Wanrou dies miserably in the cold palace, her dead body wrapped in a broken mat and thrown into the disorderly funeral hillock.

Reborn with all the hatred she harbors, Li Wanrou the Vicious Princess this life swears to overturn the world and slay her enemy, in person.

Faced with hell before and impasse after, Li Wanrou discards her usual benevolence just so to take revenge for her past life. However, never has she expected to fall in a web-like tangle of romance with the cold Crown Prince.

Join our female lead Li Wanrou to see how the Vicious Princess overturns the world after coming back from hell. And how the crown prince is going to melt the ice built in her heart bit by bit.