Great Dao Commander

Author: Wù Dào Zhě 误道者


He has lived through war, famine, and disease . He has seen the gates of death, touched the gates of hell, but was given a chance. A chance bestowed to him by the gods, a chance at immortality. Reborn and rejected but not hopeless, he will rise above all expectations. He will take on the sword of blood, he will make all revere, for this is the path he has chosen. Nothing will block his path, be it riches, or fools, Jerks or the arrogant, let them come to meet their demise. The path of the dao, the path of a commander. He is the Great Dao Commander. he stands above all else, for everything is one; one in him. He is the controller of the beginning and the end.


Currently chapters upto V2c56 have already been translated quite thoroughly : refer to the following link .

This translation shall therefore continue from that point onwards however an introductory chapter (the first chapter) has also been written down so that readers can see where they find themselves if time permits and there is sufficient demand I shall translate those chapters as well to the best of my ability

-Translator's Note