My Beautiful Wife, Please Give Me Some Pin Money!

Author: Nalan You


While escaping from foes’ hunting, she accidently fell off a cliff and almost died. Numerous days later, she finally woke up from a deep coma, only to see an idiot stand beside and simply call her his wife!?

“I’m not your wife!” She had warned him so many times.

“Since I’ve found and saved you, you’ll definitely be my wife!” The idiot alleged with full righteousness.

Who could tell her—were all idiots so smart to take advantage of others now? Yet she was still an unmarried young lady!

“Wife, here you are, fair flowers.”

“Wife, please give me some pin money.”

“Wife, this hairpin for you.”

“Wife, I like you.”

“Wife…” Unexpected to herself, she was eventually collapsed in this idiot’s “sugar-coated bullets”. Nevertheless, for the greater good, she forced him to leave by hurting and insulting him. Afterwards, she wore the wedding dress for another man. When her red veil was taken off by the bridegroom, she was surprised at the handsome man in front of her.

“Who is this? How dare you impersonate me to touch my wife?”