Lust After the Breakup

Author: Jiang Zhu


You need a million reasons to love me and one reason to give up on me.

Me, on the other hand, won't give up on you for a million reasons. The one and only reason---love, is enough for me to carry on.

Me and Tong broke up for God-knows-how-many times for the three years we were together.

She agrees to separate with me forthrightly, but every time that is just lip service.

I have imagined over 100 breakup scenarios, but a peaceful one is never one of them.

We are going through yet another breakup, I'm well prepared for her to bombard me with texts and calls.

Half an hour…

An afternoon…

Nothing from her.

A week…

Still nothing, be it QQ, MSN, cellphone or e-mail box, not even a buzz.

I have to pinch myself to confirm I'm not in a dream, we are no longer an item? Like really? But the following stories are more unbelievable.

To everyone who has acted on impulse in love! Hopefully all the couples can cherish their significant others after reading this book…