Sovereign to Immortality

Author: Sleeping Fall


Coming to his sense, Yang Junshan suddenly found that he looked like one hundred years ago, and then realized he was reborn! With the memories and experience of his pre-life, Yang Junshan, an ordinary small potato with mediocre intelligence, rewrote own fate and set out on a new journey of cultivation for immortal life.

Only the supreme Betgod could be free and unfettered forever. In a chaotic world full of civil strife and various conspiracies, a young man rose to the challenges, fighting valiantly against overmatches and kings of different races, and finding an immortal path to the Betgod with supremacy! On the endless immortal road, he created an immortal legend in blood!

God have mercy! Yang Junshan had wanted to poke a hole in the sky but unintentionally destroyed the whole world! Under the aggrieved stares of super powerfully Immortals, he felt he was wronged...