Oh, Beloved Two Faced Consort

Oh, Beloved Two Faced Consort

41  Chapters
4.5 (Rating)
  • Author: Erisyuuki
  • Translator: Erisyuki Valrose
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  • Synopsis

    Oh, Beloved Two Faced Consort

    Ding Ding is the infamous Mi Hou (Secret Empress); a money-driven information broker of the underworld circle within Xia Kingdom. She is fearless, sharp-witted and unpredictable. Her only ambition in life was to find and execute her mother’s killer. So why must she waste her time and effort in dealing with the righteous but arrogant Prince Ping? The haughty Prince Ping simply wouldn’t leave her alone. Why? Apparently Ding Ding owes him an apology for hurting his ego. How did she end up stuck with him? All thanks to Xiao Yiu.

    Xiao Yiu is a softer natured girl, a step-daughter from a rich merchant family. She falls deeply in love with the Kingdom’s Second Prince, Xia Qian Ping and marries him. Her main wish in life is to be his good wife, and perhaps get along with all his other consorts. How and why is Xiao Yiu involved with Ding Ding then?

    The answer is simple.

    Xiao Yiu is Ding Ding. They are the same person. Both are just one of Liu Ding Yiu’s split personality. So which of Liu Ding Yiu’s wish would come true? Love or revenge?

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    Erisyuki Valrose

    A fan of Chinese web novels and an amateur in translation.

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  • Oh, Beloved Two Faced Consort

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