Soul Shard Captor [BL]

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  • Author: Lucy Pan Dora
  • Translator: Lucy Pan Dora
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  • Synopsis

    Soul Shard Captor [BL]

    After Noah's death, what greeted him was an AI system calling itself Black, offering him a job working for the World and Soul Management Bureau.

    He has to travel to many different worlds, taking over an identity of some unfortunate soon-to-be-dead dude, and live out the remainder of his new life there however he wanted.



    ...Ok, sure, there are a few small kinks here and there... such as terrorist attacks, murder plots, zombie apocalypses, hostile alien invasions, and the like... but one should always look at the bright side!

    Noah: "...Blackie, is it just me, or is this good brother of mine looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a juicy piece of meat?" (°△°|||)

    Black: "Don't worry, host. He is just a bit excited due to nearly losing his life back there. You know, adrenaline." (¬‿¬)

    Noah: "…are you sure that's what's really going on here?" (っ °Д °;)っ

    Black: "Absolutely!" (≖‿≖)

    ~ Many worlds later ~

    Noah: "This secret mission that you can't tell me about… it can't possibly be to get fucked by the least appropriate target?!" (°ㅂ°╬)

    Black: "Of-of course not! Ho-how could that possibly be, eh?" (; ゚ 3゚ )~♪

    ML: Right, right, that's just a very (not so) coincidental bonus. Ψ(╹ڡ╹ )Ψ

    💠 Author Note 💠

    • If you are seeing a bunch of gibberish text while trying to read the chapters, it's a bug in the app. Report it so they fix it sooner and then head over online to to read it properly.

    • Don't let the summary (or the cover) fool you! While SSC does have an occasional explicit smut, it is primarily a fluffy and hilarious romance!

    • The story will have many different volumes, in each volume, MC lives a new life in a new world with magic elements and a mystery that needs to be solved.

    • The volumes/arcs are long, practically fully-fledged novels that can be read standalone, or skipped if that particular one isn't your cup of tea. Due to the length of the volumes, SSC is "world-hopping" but isn't technically a "Quick Transmigration" novel.

    • The emphasis of the novel is on the romance, which means that the concentration of sugar, fluff, and smut is higher than the concentration of mystery & adventure.

    • Pairings are one-on-one and taboo-ish. (E.g. hired assassin and his target, monster tamer and his tamed beast, master and disciple, siblings, brothers-in-law, etc.) MC is the bottom, ML is the top. No messy love triangles. No cheating.

    • Neither ML nor MC retain memories of past lives, so they are always falling in love anew.

    • In all arcs in which ML possesses a superpower, if it can be used for sex - it most definitely will be used for sex. ;)

    • ML is possessive, obsessive, and prone to jealousy with yandere-ish tendencies, however, he dotes on MC and pampers him into the heavens, always putting him first. Not an abusive domineering asshole.

    • Always a Happy Ending

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    💠 Release Rate 💠

    • a guaranteed new chapter every 1 to 2 days at a random time unless stated otherwise by the author

    • bonus chapter releases for reviews, gifts, and votes. (ノ*^o^)ノ*


    Lucy Pan Dora

    A fan of Chinese web novels and an amateur in translation.

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