Bad President: Daddy, You Lost Favor

1008  Chapters
4.9 (Rating)
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Translator: Sherry
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  • Synopsis

    Bad President: Daddy, You Lost Favor

    Hearing her male god is getting married, Su Xiaohe can't accept it and tries to have a one-night stand with him as a goodbye gift. Even if she can't marry him, at least she could have a little male god with him. Unexpectedly, she really got pregnant, but its father is someone else. She thought she slept with the wrong man, but it turns out to be her Mr. Right. When the little kid meets the real male god, "Daddy, where is my reward for nailing my mommy for you?" Qi Mochuan smiles faintly, "Wait till I sleep with your mommy." The little kid twitches his mouth. At that very night, he drags his mommy to his little bed. "Qi Tianhao, get down!" The man got angry. Su Xiaohe holds the little kid behind her, "Yelling at a kid. Are you even a man?" Qi Mochuan then lifts the kid up and throws him out of the room. His woman could only sleep on his own bed. "I only want you!"

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  • Bad President: Daddy, You Lost Favor