I Hear You Are Going to Marry Me

I Hear You Are Going to Marry Me

156  Chapters
4.8 (Rating)
  • Author: Wintersweet with Fragrance of Ink
  • Translator: Sumi Wang
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  • Synopsis

    I Hear You Are Going to Marry Me

    It’s a funny story about the love between Xing Biao, a gang boss, and Lawyer Su Mo.

    The first time they met, Xing Biao took Su Mo for a cripple. And Su Mo was like this, "I hear you are going to marry me?" I'll see what you've got. They say if you hate someone, just marry him, spend his money, boss him around and make him suffer!!!

    After several years since they got married, Xing Biao's henchmen often had such a conversation.

    “Do you know who is the person we should never offend?”

    “The son of our boss? He has been spoiled by our boss and Lawyer Su.”

    “You are definitely wrong. Haven’t you seen Lawyer Su punish that boy by asking him to recite criminal laws? When the boy fails to correctly and completely recite them, Lawyer Su doesn’t allow him to watch TV and eat snacks. If our boss tries to intercede for the boy, he will be asked to recite the laws together with their son.”

    “So it’s Lawyer Su who we shouldn’t provoke.”

    “Bingo! Lawyer Su won’t spare anyone pissing him off, neither our boss or their son.”


    Sumi Wang

    A fan of Chinese web novels and translation.

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  • I Hear You Are Going to Marry Me

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