Miracle Doctor Princess

216  Chapters
4.5 (Rating)
  • Author: Mu Jiu Yan
  • Translator: Flying Lines
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  • Synopsis

    Miracle Doctor Princess

    As the eldest daughter of the great general in Donglai State, Ye Qingyi was absolutely useless but stunningly rampant. Her father Ye Zuohou, however, doted on her by all means.

    A master of poison from the modern era miraculously transmigrated and reincarnated in her body. From then on, she became a miracle doctor that helped cure diseases as well as fought with the evils.

    One day, Ye Qingyi came to the brothel to seize her fiancé Prince Huangfu Xuan who was sexually intertwining with two prostitutes.

    She threw him a divorce paper to cut their relationship, since it was totally beneath her to become a princess consort in the future.

    However, he didn’t agree to her and tore the paper up…


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