My Life as a Tomb Robber

My Life as a Tomb Robber

4  Chapters
4.7 (Rating)
  • Author: Ninth of the Dao Sect
  • Translator: Xie Ziwei
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  • Synopsis

    My Life as a Tomb Robber

    Fifteen years ago, my father and three uncles built up a family fortune on robbing tombs, and they fled to Hong Kong due to the aftermath brought by tomb robbing.

    Fifteen years has passed, I have to decipher the secret signs left by father and inherited their mantle.

    Marquis Wu, Kunlun slaves, soldiers from the nether world, Exterminate Man, The Legend of Deification, the more I follow their steps, the more perturbed I grow.

    The hint directs at the Sand Sea Battle where the zhangs takes a turn from flourish to decadence and hundreds of lives are wiped out.

    What, exactly, were they looking for in the forbidden area Lop Nor?

    What, exactly, had been dreading them?


    Xie Ziwei

    a brilliant mind

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  • My Life as a Tomb Robber

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