Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old

125  Chapters
4.0 (Rating)
  • Author: Yi Wei Xiang Si
  • Translator: Flying Lines
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  • Synopsis

    Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old

    On their wedding night, she gnashed her teeth, yelling, “Your Highness, that’s shameless!”

    Set off by the flickering light of red candles, he curved the corner of his mouth into a wicked grin, “Actually, I can be more shameless…”

    When they met for the first time, he was the young prince who lived in his day of brilliance, while she was the pampered princess of the adjacent state.

    When they met again, he became the crippled underdog suffering from frustration, while she became the lackluster hostage stranded in an alien land.

    In his mid-life, he was defeated in the fight and had his legs broken; his wife passed away and he didn’t have anything left except his father’s detestation… After constant blows took the edge off his spirit, all he wanted was nothing but serenity.

    In her teen-age, her state perished and her home lost; she lapsed into an awkward situation after being abandoned and having her marriage annulled… As endless hardships isolated her from happiness, everything she wished for was no more than peace.

    “Lu Zhishan, when I first met you, I didn’t think I’d marry you…too old,” after years passed by, one day, she lay on his laps mumbling, with a kind of hazy beauty on her boozy face, “and lame.”

    “Mu Nanzhi, you have the wrong memory. At our first meeting, I’m neither old nor limp.”

    “…When was that?”

    “When people were celebrating your first birthday,” that man assumed all gentleness and joy crept on his eyes and brows, “On that day, you were ‘drawing lots’ in the rear hall. I also sneaked there to have a look. But, out of my expectation, you directly grabbed my true-love knot.”

    How vivid the red love pea is embedded in the exquisitely carved dice,

    Just as my feelings for you deep in my bones.

    [Warm Hint: a. The ML wasn’t really disabled; b. there was a 13-year age gap between the ML and the FL; c. definitely doting love interests.]


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  • Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old

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