Volunteer Plan & Benefits

Are you a big fan of Chinese novels? Did the idea of translating some great novels ever cross your mind? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve brought online some great functions to provide you a friendly community to publish your translations, to share your thoughts and a place where you can interact with readers and get paid for your releases. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

What you’ll get?

There are many inviting and thrilling stories in Chinese novels.

As translators, it is our mission to build bridges across language barriers and bring brilliant stories to more readers worldwide.

However, there’re too many stories waiting to be brought online and we try our best to translate only a very limited number of them, thus, we hope more like-minded translators, like you, can join us and finish this cause together.

Together, we can bring the romance of love, the realm of fantasy, the charm of cultivation…and so many more to all those with similar interests in Chinese culture.

Therefore, we’ve built a site to enable translators to freely publish works.

Now, if you like Chinese novels and want to be a translator, you can publish your works here!


Chinese novels are getting increasingly popular. As long as your translation is great, you’ll get a lot of fans who will fall head over heels in love with your work and constantly ask for more releases. As your fans increase, we’ll try our best to help you promote your novel, be it a fancy poster or a top ranking, so that it can be reached by more readers.


You’re the only copyright holder of your translation. And you’ll get paid for you hard work as we provide different ways for that, such as reader donations and VIP chapters.

You can decide for yourself the value of a novel.

Rewards for Missions

Complete daily missions
and reading tasks to earn
EXP and SP.

The longer you read, the greater the reward.